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Do you need help with typos and misspells?

Sha Menz - Little Miss Peller!Write what you love, let me worry about the errors

If you love to blog, but have a tough time finding and fixing typos and misspells in your posts, you need Little MisSpeller!

OK, so you’ve thought about hiring a proofreader or copy editor before, but gave up on the idea. Maybe you thought it was too expensive? Maybe you worry that an editor will try to change the way you write and take the fun out of your posts? Perhaps you haven’t worried about spelling errors and typos before, but feel you need to change this to maximize Search engine visibility for your blog?

Let me introduce my alter ego, Little MisSpeller!

More than your average word obsessed spelling nerd, as a former journalist, newspaper editor, advertising and radio copywriter I’ve read a lot of copy in the last 26 years! These days I work in copy writing and search engine optimization for a web design company, but find myself almost mystically drawn to the errors in things that I read… My boss tells me the way mistakes jump of the page at me is slightly disturbing, but he is a Math man and I think the same thing about the slightly weird relationship he has with numbers!

Lately I’ve noticed that there are some really awesome blogs out there whose authors are seriously spelling challenged! This seems such a shame. When you are speaking with authority, your readers shouldn’t be distracted by the fact that you need to fix your spelling! So, I’ve decided to put Little MisSpeller to work!

$9.99 per post - quick and easy!

No need to worry about the cost, or changes to your writing style. I will read your post or page, identify spelling errors and typos, then email corrected text suggestions back to you within 6 hours!

Just click the button below to pay with Paypal or credit card.

This $9.99 flat rate applies to all posts up to 750 words. If your post or page is longer than this, reach out to me on Twitter @ShahMenz and DM me the details for a custom quote.

Oh, and incidentally, if you happened to notice that I live on a gorgeous island off the coast of Australia, don’t be concerned. I live in Australia, but work remotely for a company in the USA, so I can copy edit in both US and UK English!


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